Karen Lichtman to visit ETPRS18 & Netherlands universities, October 2018

Karen Lichtman, a researcher on second language acquisition and professor at Northern Illinois University, will be visiting the Netherlands in October to give a keynote speech during the ETPRS18 conference at Mundus College, Amsterdam. But she will also be giving several talks at universities the week after ETPRS18. If you can’t make it to ETPRS18, perhaps you can make it to one of the university talks: the university talks listed here are all free and open to the public:

Date/Time Place Title
Thursday Oct 4, 11:15am-12pm Reuvensplaats 4,
Room 1.22

Leiden University, Leiden

How does implicit vs. explicit language instruction impact fluency?
Friday Oct 5, 5:45 pm ETPRS conference (Mundus College, Amsterdam) Implicit learning works: How ten years of TPRS research explains why we teach with comprehensible input
Monday Oct 8, 2pm-4pm Academy Building

number 07,
University of Groningen,

Testing Second Language Acquisition theory in traditional and storytelling classrooms
Wednesday Oct 10, 4pm A.00.07 (Donders room) in Spinoza building, Radboud University Nijmegen Learning Spanish diphthongs: When perception should not equal production
Thursday Oct 11, 12:30pm-1:30pm A.00.07 (Donders room) in Spinoza building, Radboud University Nijmegen Child and adult language learners are more fluent under implicit training conditions

Karen’s research focuses on instructed second language acquisition. Specifically, she looks at the interaction between learner-internal factors, such as age, and learner-external factors, such as the amount of language exposure and type of instruction, as learners acquire second language morphosyntax and phonology. Among TPRS teachers, Karen is known for her meta-analyses of research on TPRS and her new book out with Routledge, Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS): An Input-Based Approach to Second Language Instruction.  Karen will be the keynote speaker of ETPRS18.

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